Friendly User Tips

What is “Gutenberg”?

Chances are you've heard of Johannes Gutenberg--the German inventor and printer from the 1400s that invented the first printing press with movable type, bringing books into mass production for the first time in human history, and changing the trajectory of civilization. That's why, then, that in 2018 WordPress decided to use that name to christen [...]

What is a Domain Name Server?

When someone asks you, "Where do you live?", do you ever respond with the zip code?  Of course not! If I told you I lived in 91740, you'd look at me blank-eyed and confused... but if I said I lived in Glendora, California, you'd have a good idea of where to find me.  But without [...]

How To Change Sublime Syntax

WHAT IS SUBLIME? To quote Sublime Text themselves, the program is "A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose". Think of it as if Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) received a major upgrade. WHAT CAN SUBLIME DO? Among the many bells and whistles that Sublime offers, a handy feature is changing syntax. Let's say [...]

What’s a website payment processor? Which one is best?

Do you want to sell something on your website?  Or maybe take donations?  Or have visitors sign up for an event you're organizing?  Then you'll need to have a website payment processor! A website payment processor is a business that sits between your website and your bank, doing all the tough heavy-lifting when it comes [...]


Name, Address, and Phone There's a lot of steps to consider when trying to optimize your website's SEO which can get a little overwhelming! Where do you start? Or a better question is where SHOULD you start? One of the easiest first steps you should make when working on your SEO is making sure your [...]

Can I manage my site on my phone?

If we built the site for you recently... then yes! The sites we build use the WordPress CMS.  And while there is a downloadable WordPress app for both Android and iPhone, it gives you a very limited set of features for what the true browser interface on your computer gives you. The much better solution [...]

What Is Inspect Element And How Do You Use it?

WHAT IS INSPECT ELEMENT? Inspect element is a tool that modern browsers have implemented into their system that lets you see the markup of what makes up that website. It provides the ability to inspect any item (or element in this case) that is on the website and to edit that information however you want without [...]

How To Verify A Link Before You Click On It

To Click Or Not To Click? At one point in our daily lives, we all have clicked on a link we wish we hadn't. You've done it. Your friends have done it. Even the sweet, nice old lady across the street watering her garden every morning has done it. It's an interesting moment in time. [...]