Design Explained

Why White Space Is Important

Love it or hate it, empty space will always be needed to an extent in any design. What do we mean by "empty space" or "white space" though in terms of design? When these terms are used they are generally in reference to the unused portions around each element of an overall design's layout. For [...]

When and How to Use Script Fonts

Script fonts are lovely, elegant, and plain fun to use to add a little something extra to your designs or projects in general. There are so many different styles out there that can used in so many different settings for print assets, but what about digital? You can still use as many script fonts as [...]


What's the difference between an image that ends with PNG and one that ends with JPG? Is one better than the other? Are there special instances when one file type is preferred over the other? How can you tell when the time is right for which file? We understand it can be confusing to try [...]

The Right Website Platform For You

Alright everybody so let's get right to the point... you've designed your website and finally after several rounds of revision can start building and bringing it to life. A new hurdle now presents itself to you now though ... what platform should you put your site on? Do you go rogue and host your website [...]

Using Invision For Your Website Design

You're finally finished designing a beautiful website for your client but now you have to figure out a way to properly showcase your work. This is where Invision comes in handy. Invision brings together your design within an interactive prototype to provide your client with a realistic rendition of their future website. Once you start [...]


The REAL Difference Between RGB and CMYK and Why You Should Care If you've found your way to this blog post then you've probably run into a situation where either someone or some website has asked you to change your image from RGB to CMYK or vise versa. It's annoying we know ... but there [...]

What are Web Safe Colors?

Speaking Color It happens all the time ... you've finally got all the right text and the perfect graphic to go along with that content. The moment to post has come but as soon as you reveal your greatest work online it happens ... the colors that were once so serene and picturesque have now [...]

Formatting An Image For Web

Ready, Set, Go! Every image for web starts with using your handy dandy Adobe Photoshop program. This will allow you more flexibility and control of reducing the size of your desired image and having the ability to use keyboard shortcuts. Following a few simple steps will help you master the perfect image for your website. [...]

What Is Responsive Design?

Defining What Makes a Website Responsive or Not As you've most likely have noticed by now, not all websites are created equal in the seemingly endless void of the internet. Nowadays when a website is made, they're built with the knowledge that not everyone is going to be viewing them on the same screen. In [...]