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How To Enqueue Scripts

INTRODUCTION For simplicity's sake, let's say that CSS is the website's makeup artist. They are responsible for the styles and providing a foundation for the website's look and feel. Exploring that metaphor even further, let's say that JavaScript (JS) is the site's animatronics engineer. To scratch the surface of what JS can provide, they are [...]

How To Enqueue Styles

INTRODUCTION Every site has their own way of inserting styles onto their platform. Squarespace has their own CSS editor, Shopify utilizes liquid files, and WordPress has both a CSS editor and the ability to incorporate your own CSS files. In this tutorial, we will be reviewing how to enqueue CSS files onto your site. Let's [...]

How To Use Multiple Add Action Functions

PREVIOUSLY ON... In our previous article, we learned about the do_action() and add_action() functions. These functions provide users the ability to output custom pieces of information in niche places all throughout your site. This tutorial will go over instances where there are multiple add_action() functions to one do_action() function. PREREQUISITES You'll need the following items [...]

How To Use Do and Add Action in WordPress

LIGHTS! CODE! ACTION! In our previous article, we learned how to create our very own custom page template. This was in order to have more creative control in displaying content the way we want to have it displayed. We are going to expand on that skill set and incorporate some helpful functions: do_action() and add_action(). [...]

How To Create A Custom Page Template In WordPress

MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY Creating a custom page template to use within WordPress can a liberating, frustrating, and overwhelming experience when initially getting started. There is a vast array of routes to take to display whatever content you wish to display. To not succumb to the pressure, start out small by figuring out the [...]

What is minification and how does it apply to my website?

When you play Tetris and you can fit those falling pieces together just right so that there are no trapped empty spaces, a certain small thrill electrifies your brain, right? Minification is kind of like that. When code like Javascript and CSS (the design style sheets) is written for your site, it's written so that [...]

Allowing Unique File Extensions To Upload Within WordPress Media

BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY By default, WordPress accepts only a handful of common filetypes to be uploaded onto its system for security purposes. You've got JPGs, PDFs, DOCXs, MP4s, and the list goes on and on. However, what if you have a legitimate file that you need to upload, but is initially unaccepted by WordPress? [...]

Add Custom Code Into Your WordPress Website

THE DILEMMA There may come a time where you will need to insert a snippet of text to apply across your whole website. Whether it be a tracking code, stylesheets, or metadata, WordPress offers different solutions to this issue. In this tutorial we will be going over two methods on how to do so: using [...]

What Are WordPress Widgets?

TOOL TIME WordPress widgets are out-of-the-box content blocks that you can drag and drop into assigned sections that will display said content within that designated section throughout your website. In the latest WordPress theme, 2020, footer widgets are established for you. You can alter the current information or settings within that widget, delete the widget [...]

How To Create A WordPress Shortcode Part II

PREREQUISITE In our previous article, we learned how to create a WordPress shortcode in order to make our work lives simpler. In this tutorial, we are going to expand on that efficiency by learning how to apply custom attributes within the shortcodes themselves. We'll be creating a similar, yet new shortcode called buzzlightyear. WHAT ARE [...]